Don't decrease there goal. Increase the effort!

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Since the day we were founded in 2003, we have been working day and night to become the most reliable partner of your business on the way to digitalization with all our experience.

Today, when digitalization directly affects the success of a business, the needs and priorities of brands are constantly changing. As Birglobal, we create e-commerce software so that you can offer your services in the best way, produce solutions that will make it easier for you to report your sales, determine and manage your social media strategy to strengthen your digital presence, and at the same time, we provide you with all the requirements of the digitalization process with our ERP systems to facilitate your in-house operation.

In today’s rapidly changing and developing technology, brands that cannot establish a solid presence in digital media cannot survive for a long time. We are working to make you catch up with our age, bring the quality of the service you provide to the highest level in all channels and complete your digital transformation, with our team of professionals who continue to improve themselves constantly. 

E-commerce has 3 golden rules. Selling unique products, selling affordable products, and providing great customer service. Even though you fulfill all these conditions completely, if the performance of your brand is still not enough for you, we are by your side as Birglobal.

With the products we have developed for you, you can make your reporting, follow the developments in your company instantly and make investments in the right areas by making your in-house cost accounting.

While we have talked about the importance of digitalization so much, it is impossible to not mention how important it is for your business to use social channels and Google products, which are the most important actors of digital marketing. Social media and Google ads not only increase your sales, but also increase your brand awareness, making your company more recognizable and reaching new target audiences. With the digital marketing solutions we offer, we determine the right advertising budgets for you, create and manage your ads, determine appropriate strategies to strengthen your presence in social media channels, and manage your accounts.

If you say “My brand can become one of the bests!”, Birglobal is always with you to help you achieve your goals and bring you wherever you want.

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